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Greetings brothers,

So we begin again this year. A current senior class of 533 students anxiously await the opportunity to venture out into the world and make their mark. But sadly some of them may not be able to complete their mission and fulfill their destiny. Last year I used the story of King Leonidas and his Spartans to illustrate that a few good men can do great things. I also referenced the book of Judges and Gideon to further demonstrate that it only takes a few committed men to achieve great success. Both of these stories are inspirational to me personally. They are ones that I replay in my mind on occasion to remind me of the power of men united for a common goal.

As I delve deeper into the story of Gideon I find that he started out with some say as many as 30,000 men to do battle for Israel against the Midianites. And as these men endured various challenges and tests so much so that many fell by the wayside and Gideon was left with only 300. So to have our graduating seniors demonstrated their resolve in overcoming the challenges that they have been faced with for the past four or even five years at Morehouse since they were freshman. Their freshman class started out much larger and is down to just over 500 students. While they have not had to fight a physical battle, it has been a battle that could ultimately determine the fate of their lives.

We need a minimum of 300 Morehouse Men to give a minimum of $300 dollars each, so that we can raise $90,000 dollars to apply to the accounts of those students who are eligible and demonstrate academically that they want to be Morehouse Men. We need 300 Morehouse Men to stand up and answer the call. Where will you stand? This year we have planned appropriately and have seven weeks until the cut off deadline to make this a reality. Last year we raised an impressive sum in only two weeks. So I am encouraged and excited about what we will do this year.

This is the final challenge that some of them are facing and they need our help. They need us to stand up and be the alumni brothers that they have heard about. They need us to go beyond the rhetoric and truly bind ourselves to one another and strengthen the brotherly ties we so often sing about. We need to come together and combine our resources. Let us not disappoint them. Let’s step up to the challenge and do for them what we wanted others to do for us when we were in their positions. Let this year’s Morehouse hymn sung after commencement be a song of victory that is sung by all graduates. Let’s ensure that no graduating senior be denied his crown.

Please send your donation of $300 or whatever amount you can contribute. Some of you I know will go beyond the ordinary and donate $1,000 and some even $3,000. The Association stands ready to assist you in any way possible.

You may contribute in one of the following ways:

  • Give securely online
  • Call the Association office to contribute by phone: 404-215-2657
  • Send your contribution to the Association at:
    Morehouse College National Alumni Association
    830 Westview Drive SW
    Box 93
    Atlanta, GA 30314
    (Write “300 Morehouse Men” in the memo line.)


Thank you my Morehouse Brothers for making a difference and demonstrating your support. I look forward to seeing you at Commencement.

Kevin R. McGee ‘93

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