A Note of Thanks to Morehouse Alumni from Kevin McGee

Greetings brothers, I want to thank you for your cooperation and commitment over the years. We have accomplished much together and continued to build upon these efforts in strengthening the Association.  I would like to highlight just a few of the larger accomplishments: We continued to strengthen the operational efficiency within the Association. We have […]


One More Test for Morehouse Alumni

For the class of 2015, the exams are over, but the real test has just begun. As I said in the graduation address, now is the time for our recent graduates to determine who they are by determining what’s valuable them. It’s time for our other alumni to do the same. Certainly, my relationship with God and […]



I first began to pen this missive after the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case. I started again after the beginning of the trial for Jordan Davis. I called myself finishing it after the grand jury failed to indict in the Michael Brown case, and here we are again: Eric Garner. I decided to write […]

Morehouse Alumni

Morehouse Alumni: What’s next?

Homecoming was once again a time to remember. From the parade, to the brunch, to the various parties and events, right up to the closing worship service, you were there to help current Morehouse students see that the love for (and support of) the school lasts long after graduation. Thank you for that.  Now, we […]

Morehouse Alumni President Kevin R. McGee (L) with Jacksonville Chapter president Mark Register (R) attend a student send off event and the Miller residence.

Jacksonville Chapter of the Alumni Association makes a comeback

The Jacksonville, FL, chapter of the Alumni Association is making a comeback. Chapter President Mark Register ’94 explains how. Dr. Register, a local psychologist, recalls what he’s learned about the chapter’s past, saying, “The chapter was vibrant. When some leadership relocated, there wasn’t a structure in place to keep it going. When I moved here […]

Morehouse Alumni Association asks you to become an "aire" by contributing at the Thousandaire or Life Member level.

Morehouse Alumni Association needs our “aires” to stay alive

Greetings brothers, I’ll let you in on a little secret: It’s so much easier for us to thrive when we have “aires.” I’m talking about the Morehouse College Alumni Association’s Thousandaires. Between them and our Life Members, we have a strong list of members who have committed to supporting their alma mater through the Alumni Association […]

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Morehouse Alumni Jacksonville Chapter Host Sendoff Party

Do you remember the feeling of preparing for your journey at Morehouse College? That feeling of excitement, anticipation, a little nervousness, hope and confidence in your future. Our brothers at the Morehouse College Alumni Association in Jacksonville wanted to make sure that the incoming freshman from their area also felt the support of Morehouse Men […]


A Job Well Begun by Morehouse Alumni in 2014

July, 2014 Greetings brothers, I want to thank you. I want to congratulate you. I want to challenge you. You are appreciated. First I would like to thank the alumni body for entrusting me with another two years to complete the work that we have started. Congratulations on a job well begun. We have had a […]


$10,000 Donated Anonymously to Morehouse Alumni Association

Morehouse College Alumni Association receives anonymous $10,000 donation to 300 Morehouse Men Campaign. ATLANTA, GA – This week, in the midst of fervent requests for donations, the staff at the Morehouse College Alumni Association offices were surprised to receive a $10,000 anonymous donation to their 300 Morehouse Men Campaign. This campaign is the Alumni Association’s annual […]