Morehouse Alumni Life Membership

Become a Morehouse Alumni Life Member or Thousandaire by September 30 and score an invitation to the VIP Homecoming Reception at the Commerce Club on Friday, October 23, 2015. Join today by clicking here. JOIN AND WIN!   The 2015 Membership Contest could net you some cool prizes. Click on the image below to download the form […]


Morehouse Alumni: Remember 2014

Remember. December is when we reflect over the year, right? We recall all that we’ve accomplished and look back with joy upon it. The Association is excited to do that, too. Here are just a few highlights of what we accomplished in 2014. Welcomed new leadership with Brandon C. Banks, formerly of the Atlanta chapter, […]



I first began to pen this missive after the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case. I started again after the beginning of the trial for Jordan Davis. I called myself finishing it after the grand jury failed to indict in the Michael Brown case, and here we are again: Eric Garner. I decided to write […]

Morehouse Alumni

Morehouse Alumni: What’s next?

Homecoming was once again a time to remember. From the parade, to the brunch, to the various parties and events, right up to the closing worship service, you were there to help current Morehouse students see that the love for (and support of) the school lasts long after graduation. Thank you for that.  Now, we […]


Re-engage, Re-claim, Re-build our Alumni Organization

Et facta est lux.   And then there was light.  It was 147 years ago that Morehouse College was established as a beacon of light for young black men thirsty for education. Created primarily to prepare black men for ministry and teaching, the college has evolved into a national phenomenon – an aspiration for young […]