The future of Morehouse College is not written in the stars. Whereas during its first century of operation Morehouse was considered first-rate as a seg­regated-for-Negroes institution, it must in its second century be first rate for all Americans. Morehouse has always striven for excellence, and we have said over and over again that if Morehouse is not good enough for white students it is not good enough for Negroes. The performance of Morehouse men proves that even in a segregated economy Morehouse was good enough for students of any racial group.

Morehouse’s future will depend in large measure on the imagination and creativity of its President, faculty, and Board of Trustees, [and alumni].

Dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays
Sixth President of Morehouse College

When the seeds were planted for Morehouse College in 1867, it was the beginning of a movement that would change the landscape of America.  Over the years, Morehouse has borne fruit worthy of the efforts of its founders and its most prized gift to the world – its alumni.

So almost 40 years after its founding, a group of graduates met to organize an alumni society. A constitution was adopted, officers were elected and the Morehouse College Alumni Association was birthed.

The association has come a long way since its inception over a hundred years ago!

Today, the Association connects Morehouse alumni worldwide who gather together through community service projects, networking opportunities and leisure activities. The Association also funds scholarships and fellowships for outstanding Morehouse students and provides assistance to many campus programs.

Chronological listing of Morehouse College Alumni Association Presidents
(Information and Research came from old Morehouse Catalogs)

1904-1911  D. D. Crawford
1911-1913  Dr. A. D. Jones
1913-1922 D. W. Cannon
1922-1937 Philip M. Davis
1937-1939 A. W. Dent
1939-1940 J. H. Hubert
1940-1944 Charles W. Greene
1944-1951 Maynard H. Jackson Sr.
1951-1959  Charles W. Greene
1959-1962 Moss Kendricks
1962-1972 Calvin A. Brown
1972-1978 Dr. Alphonso Overstreet
1978-1988 Charlie J. Moreland
1988-1998 Willie J. Davis
1998-2002 Lonnie C. King, Jr.
2002-2006 James R. Hall
2006-2010 Phillip H. McCall, Jr.
2010-Present Kevin R. McGee