300 Morehouse Men Campaign

The 300 Morehouse Men Campaign is the Alumni Association’s annual fundraising initiative to assist graduating seniors in meeting their financial obligations to Morehouse College.

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Greetings brothers,

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Our current senior class anxiously awaits the opportunity to cross the graduation stage this May and begin their lives as Morehouse Men. They have plans. They have hopes. Sadly, some of them may not ever complete their plans. Some of them will have their hopes dashed. Some of them will forfeit their opportunities because they are unable to meet their financial obligations to the College. This is a travesty that we alumni just cannot abide – especially when there’s something we can do about it.

If a minimum of 300 Morehouse Men gives a minimum of $100 eachto our 300 Initiative, we can raise $30,000 dollars to apply to the accounts of those students who are eligible and have demonstrated academically that they want to be Morehouse Men. We need 300 Morehouse Men to answer the call. Where will you stand?

In past years, we’ve raised approximately $25,000 during each campaign and, while this amount is a blessing and an opportunity to affect hundreds of lives, it falls short of what we are capable of doing. This is the final great challenge that some of these students will face before they take on the world, and they need us. They need us to put our words into action and be the alumni brothers that they have heard about. They need us to go beyond the rhetoric and truly bind ourselves to one another to strengthen the brotherly ties we sing about so often; but don’t just read our supplication, view the videos on the page to get an idea of those we’ve already assisted.

Let’s combine our resources. Let’s not disappoint them. Let’s rise to the challenge and do for them what we wanted others to do for us when we were in their position. This year, when we sing the Morehouse hymn after commencement, let it be a song of victory. Let’s ensure that no graduating senior be denied his victory song.

Please send your donation of $100 – or whatever other amount you can contribute, and encourage your friends and brothers to do the same. I know that some of you will go beyond the request and donate $300 or even $3,000. The Association salutes you for the seed you will sow into these young lives.

Kevin R. McGee ’93