One More Test for Morehouse Alumni

For the class of 2015, the exams are over, but the real test has just begun. As I said in the graduation address, now is the time for our recent graduates to determine who they are by determining what’s valuable them. It’s time for our other alumni to do the same.

Certainly, my relationship with God and my family are my priorities, but Morehouse College students, with their agile minds and fearless hearts, are high on my list, too.

The future of our world is intrinsically tied to the future of their education. And here’s the call to action I have for you: Knowing that you could do something to change the fate of a student doomed to watch from the audience as his classmates graduate without him, will you fail to help? Will you say no?

As we launch the #Morehouse300 for our 2016 graduates, we hope that you will help by making a donation. When unpaid student fees are the thing standing between a bright young man and his purpose, we cannot stand idly by and watch him suffer for lack of resources.

Thank you for your continued help in remembering the legacy of Morehouse College in our thoughts, prayers and deeds. To watch the short, heartfelt message I delivered to the graduates, click the image above.  It’s the entire graduation ceremony, with my speech near the end, starting at the third hour.

Kevin R. McGee ’93
Morehouse Alumni Association

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