Help a Senior Graduate: Be One of the 300

300_morehouse_menDonate Today. Help a Morehouse senior graduate. Be One of the 300.

The 300 Morehouse Men Campaign is the Alumni Association’s annual fundraising initiative to assist graduating seniors in meeting their financial obligations to Morehouse College.
From Torrence Nero ’14:

The Morehouse College Alumni Association propelled us toward earning a college degree. We graduated cum laude (Torrence) and magna cum laude (Terrence) in May of 2014. The Morehouse College Alumni Association, through the help of Brandon Banks, Kevin McGee, Earl Nero, Shelby Jackson, and the generous Morehouse alumni, made our dreams into a reality.

Morehouse 300 Campaign

The Nero twins benefitted from the generosity of the Morehouse Alumni Association in 2014. Torrence graduated cum laude and Terrence graduated magna cum laude.


During our senior year at Morehouse, I was told by the financial aid department that we were not financially cleared to graduate with our class. We were devastated, and relying on family and friends to help us financially had become difficult. Our parents could not believe that their twins sons — who were stellar students — may not graduate.

We only knew of one organization that could help us: the Morehouse College Alumni Association. The 300 giving campaign was the answer. Having the help we needed to graduate, we were able to make our family and friends proud. Today we are young working professionals making our mark in today’s society. I am a healthcare professional with plans to soon obtain an MBA/MA in healthcare administration and health care policy. My brother is pursuing a paralegal certificate from Emory University with plans on attending law school soon. We are so thankful and blessed that our dreams of becoming Morehouse Men became true!

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