Morehouse College Health Pros Celebrate 40 Years

The Thomas J. Blocker Society, an affinity alumni group for health professionals, held its third homecoming day mentoring breakfast at the historic Paschals restaurant.

Dr. Ronald Copeland, Kaiser Permanente

Dr. Ronald Copeland, Kaiser Permanente

The mentoring event and fundraiser was opened by President John Wilson and featured Dr. J.K. Haynes, the Division Head for Math and Sciences. The speaker was Dr. Ronald Copeland, Senior Vice President of Kaiser Permanente.

The event celebrated the Office of Health Professions’ fortieth anniversary and recognized a number of alumni with the Trailblazer Awards. Awardees included Dr. William Alli Ross, Dr. Charles Fortenberry III, Mr. Adjit Samarsinghe, Dr. David Satcher and Dr. Louis Sullivan. Mr. Rafaelle Delaney, a junior pre-med major, was presented with a $500 Christopher Richardson Award for student leadership and mentoring. The Richardson family, who were in attendance, kindly matched the donation with an additional $500, increasing support of Mr. Delaney’s studies to $1,000.

The event was well attended by Morehouse Students and Alumni, and they were joined at the event by Dr. Robin Bass, the new head of Health Careers at Spelman. A vanguard group of Spelman Alumni and students were mentored as part of the breakfast events, as well. Donations to support the fortieth Anniversary of the Office of Health Professions can be called into the Office of Health Professions Office of Institutional Advancement Representative.

Online donations can be made via the Morehouse Giving page. Choose the Office of Health Professions General Accounts Fund.

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