Become a 30 Life or Thousandaire Member by the End of the Year


75forlifeYou showed up, and we were able to reach our goal of 30 Life and Thousandaire members. Because of you, we are able to expand our thinking.

We are reaching for 75 alumni total to step up to lifelong membership by December 31, 2014.

To encourage that effort, we are offering a $250 gift card or two seats at the Association’s table at the Candle in the Dark dinner. The winning names will be drawn from all of those who choose Life or Thousandaire membership during 2014.

Thank you to all of the new Thousandaires and Life Members listed below.

For information about how you can get lifetime membership in just one affordable payment, click here.

Recent Thousandaires:
Mr. Johnny Anderson IIDr. Leslie Bonner

Dr. Curtis Briscoe

Dr. Jonel Brown

Dr. Ronald D. Collier

Dr. Byron K. Edmond

Dr. Harvey R. Fields, Jr.

Donald L. Hense

Mr. Adam Junior

Kenneth Lyons, Jr.

Alex Malone

Mr. Ricardo Nichols

Mr. William C. McCaskill

Dr. Frank S. Royal

Joe Swanson

Ellis E. Sykes

Dr. Wesley D. Thomas

John Toliver

Mark Williams

Leroy Wilson, Jr.

Desmond Woodruff

Dr. Gerald A. Yerby


Recent Life Members:

Mr. Eric John Antonio

Mr. Brent R. Ballard

Dr. John T. Blasingame

Mr. Pervis Lavell Brown

Dr. Roderick Edmond

Young T. Hughley

Dr. Richard T. James, Jr.

Mr. Jimmy Moore

Charles Phillips



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