Earl Nero ’72 Retires from Morehouse College Alumni Association

When a person of value leaves an organization, there is bound to be sadness. However, when a person has done a career’s worth of good works — twice — one can’t help but celebrate with him as he moves to his next adventure. That’s why the Morehouse College Alumni Association staff is both sad and excited as Earl Nero retires from his post as executive director of the Association.

Earl Nero '72, Executive Director, Retires from Morehouse College Alumni Association

Earl Nero ’72, Executive Director, Retires from Morehouse College Alumni Association

Nero became active with the Atlanta chapter of the Alumni Association in 1988. He began working with the Association in 1990 and served as president of the Atlanta chapter before relocating to New Jersey in 1992. When he returned in 1994, he served on the Executive Committee until approximately the early 2000s.

He recalls that the most fulfilling part of his involvement in the Association has been reconstituting the Marvin C. Mangham Scholarship Fund. “When I was President, we started out awarding $1,000 to four incoming students from Atlanta. Through our membership growth strategy, subsequent administrations were able to raise the awards to $1,000/year renewable for four years for four students.”  While that fund was replaced with another, the fruit of his team’s efforts remains one of Nero’s fondest memories.

What does Nero want to see happen in the Association in years to come? Here’s what he said: “I hope for a spirit of collaboration between the Association and College in which they develop strategies that make alumni want to give according to their ability to give. In this collaborative relationship, these strategies would support the students and the College, and the College would view the Association as a valued asset.”

We will miss you, Earl – for your ideals, your passion, and your dedication to Dear Old Morehouse.

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