A Job Well Begun by Morehouse Alumni in 2014

July, 2014

Greetings brothers,

I want to thank you. I want to congratulate you. I want to challenge you.

You are appreciated. First I would like to thank the alumni body for entrusting me with another two years to complete the work that we have started.

reengageCongratulations on a job well begun. We have had a great year here at the Association. I am most proud to say that we have had a record year in terms of giving to the 300 Morehouse Men current-use scholarship fund. This year we raised more than $53,000 that went to assist 21 seniors who otherwise would not have graduated. Overall membership revenues continue to gradually increase, as does overall revenue.

Finally, our mentoring partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America has completed its first year pilot program, and we will begin rolling the program out nationally to our chapters this year. While these are all great accomplishments, we still have a lot of work to do.

We are entering our third and final phase of our six-year strategy of Reengaging, Rebuilding, and Reclaiming our alumni. So far, we have successfully reengaged alumni and increased the level of communication. We have rebuilt our organization by strengthening our national operations and infrastructure as well as our chapter chartering process.

Let’s move forward together. The final stage of reclaiming our alumni involves us being more involved in alumni fundraising and alumni giving. Reclaiming means that we intend to reclaim our position as the number one supporter of and stakeholder in our alma mater. For this final stage, it is imperative that we work more closely with the College and institutional advancement. We continue to reach out to the college to broach this important issue of alumni fundraising.


  1. Join the Association’s emailing list.
  2. Become active in a local chapter.
  3. Contact the national office and let us know your concerns and suggestions. You can always contact Earl Nero, Executive Director, at earl.nero@morehousealumni.com or contact me at kevin.mcgee@morehousealumni.com.
  4. Contact the College and our new president, and let him know your thoughts and concerns about the College and its engagement of alumni.
  5. Support the Association and the College with your gifts of time, talent, and tender.

Fraternally yours,

Kevin R. McGee, ‘93, National President

Morehouse College Alumni Association

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