Morehouse College Alumnus of the Year 2014

On behalf of Morehouse College Alumni Association we are pleased to announce the Recipient of the “Alumnus of the Year”.  This prestigious award was given to Charles McLien III ‘ 97 from the Seattle Washington Chapter.
Charles McLien '97, Morehouse College Alumnus of the Year 2014

(Right) Kevin McGee, President Morehouse Alumni Association and (left) Charles McLien ’97, Morehouse College Alumnus of the Year 2014

Here’s a bit about our deserving Alumnus:

Charles McLien ‘97

Morehouse College Alumni Association

2014 Alumnus of the Year


Since graduating in 1997 with a degree in Biology, Charles has been committed to keeping the spirit of Morehouse College alive through leadership and service. He is committed to civic engagement and serving as a role model, particularly to Black male youth and young men, in his community.

Charles’ commitment to Morehouse College begins with his support of and service to the Morehouse College Alumni Association. Charles is a Thousandaire Life member and currently serves as President of the Greater Seattle Morehouse College Alumni Association (GSMCAA). A good example of his efforts to promote and support the college is displayed in his efforts to coordinatine a dinner with visiting Morehouse faculty and staff:  Dr. J.K. Haynes; Dr. Kenneth Perry, Chair Computer Science; Dr. Rahmelle Thompson, Director-John Hopps Scholars Program; and Morehouse alumni at Microsoft and the Gates Foundation.

Charles has been an active member in his community.  In particular, he participates in educational outreach promoting STEM related careers for local K-12 and college level students. Activities include motivational speaking and student advisement.

Professionally, Charles is responsible for developing and managing the University of Washington Bioengineering Affiliates Program, including: creating a centralized office for UW BioE industry relations, recruiting corporate and individual members and supporting their interactions and launching student-based programs within the program.

Charles’ career has focused on life sciences educational outreach, fundraising and program development. Prior to joining Bioengineering, Charles worked in Corporate and Foundation Relations for College of Engineering (CoE) Advancement. In this role, he was involved in development activities to support the fundraising needs for the College’s ten academic departments and student support services programs.



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