The end of a Morehouse college career is the beginning of a life full of promise.

Greetings brothers,


This month has been a big one for the College and the Association. We’ve graduated another class of Morehouse Men, and we were able to help several of them fulfill their financial obligations to the College through the 300 Morehouse Men campaign.

The total amount donated since our 2013 donation was $53,755. Over the course of the past year, $7,155 was provided to aid students with summer school and enrollment expenses.

Then, on May 13, 2014, we presented the college with checks totaling $40,200. Those funds assisted 21 students.

Most of those students are now starting the “adult” portion of their lives, going on to even further schooling or jobs that will shape their futures. It’s their commencement — the beginning of the next stage. If we’ve been good role models, that next stage will include social involvement on a global scale, lifelong learning, and a commitment to encourage others to educate themselves, as well.

We congratulate our brothers, and we charge them to stay connected with the College through the national alumni association and their local associations, too.

We also charge our other brothers, those who graduated two years ago, or 10, or 20, to maintain a connection with the College as well. It’s never too late to reconnect. Visit our website to find out how.

Also, please join us in thanking the donors listed below. Their generosity helped to change the lives of students this year, and they are greatly appreciated.


Kevin R. McGee ’93, President
Morehouse College Alumni Association


Mr. Michael AdamsMr. John A. Aldridge

Mr. Charles Edward Allen

Mr. Donald Anderson, Sr.

Mr. Glenn Darryl Andrews

Mr. Kenneth Earl Bailey

Mr. Bobby C. Baines

Mr. Taylor Livingston Baker, Jr.

Mr. Wilton DeVonne Baker

Mr. Alfred L. Ball

Mr. Alfred L. Ball

Mr. Steve Barlow III

Mr. Brian Sullivan Baron, Jr.

Mr. Cedrick Keith Bell

Mr. Leonard T. Bell, Jr.

Mr. Harold Booker, Jr.

Mr. Wyman M. Boyd

Mr. Belvie Herbert Brice

Mr. Marvin L. Bridges

Mr. Monroe Brock

Mr. Stephen Gregg Brown

Dr. Tony Lamair Burks II

Mr. Myron G. Burney

Mr. Richard H. Byrd

Mr. Randell A. Cain, Jr.

Mr. Todd Leon Campbell

Mr. James H. Carter, Jr.

Mr. Christopher J. Carthern

Mr. Earnest Crawford Cash

Mr. Worth R. Christler

Mr. Steven Allen Clincy

Mr. Hwesu Chile Cobb-Phillips

Mr. Louis Gilbert Colbert

Col. Cleo Phillip Coles

Mr. Leon F. Collins

Mr. Steven Crocker

Mr. Roland H. Crowder

Mr. Levy Henry Curry

Mr. Arthur L. Cutler

Mr. John T. Davis

Mr. Eldrin L. Deas

Mr. Roderick E. Delph

Dr. Joseph Draper

Mr. Jonathan H. Dudley

Mr. Royal B. Dunham

Mr. William Henry Durant

Mr. William Henry Durant

Dr. Byron Karl Edmond

Mr. Oscar John Edwards

Dr. Moses Elam

Mr. Qian W. Elmore

Mr. John Richard Everett

Mr. Russell C. B. Ewing

The Hon. Jerome J. Farris

Mr. William M. Ferguson

Dr. Glenn E. Fleming

Dr. Denard Manuel Fobbs

Mr. Aiyetoro R. Frazier

Dr. Billy F. Gay

Mr. Walter W. Gibson

Mr.& Mrs. Reginald Goins

Dr. Glennon Graham


Mr. Timothy C. GrayMr. Rhonney Akofu Greene

Rev. Dr. Horace Griffin

1st Lt. Stevie B. Hamilton

Dr. John Thomas Harper

Mr. Earle G. Harris

Mr. Michael D. Harris

Mr. Jamero Jawan Hatter

Mr. Robert M Heard

Mr. James Douglas Henry

Mr. Donald L. Hense

Mr. Heager L. Hill

Mr. Mark W. Hill

Mr. Colin A. Hosten

Dr. Johnny L. Houston

Dr. Willie W. Houston, Jr.

Mr. Ronald Lemuel Jeans

Dr. Hasan Kwame Jeffries

Mr. Ronnie S. Jenkins

Mr. Dwan Johnson

Mr. Reuben Dempsey Johnson

Mr. Charles Jones

Dr. Dan E. Jones

Mr. Jefrey E. Jones

Mr. Dorian M. Joyner, Sr.

Dr. Joseph W. Joyner, Sr.

Ms. Glynn Key

Mr. Elgin Lloyd Klugh

Mr. Emory Eugene Lamar

Mr. Emory Eugene Lamar

Mr. Edward Donald Lawson

Mrs. Joanne Taylor Lawson

Mr. Owen M. Lawson

Mr. Ray E. Leaphart

Dr. Wilbur T. Leaphart

Mr. Harold M. Light

Mr. Benjamin F. Logan, Sr.

Mr. Donald Long

Mr. Kenneth Lyons, Jr.

Dr. Calvin Mackie

Mr. Robert Lee Mallett

Mr. Marvin C Mangham

Rev. Jesse W. Mapson, Jr.

Mr. Paxton N Marks, Jr.

Dr. Eric Cornelius Marshall

Mr. Moses Matias

Mr. Marcus T. McCollough

Dr. Eugene McCrary

Mr. Robert McDaniel, Jr.

Mr. Jerome McIver

Mr. Clarence Dexter Mitchell

Mr. DeLarse Montgomery

Dr. Ernest L. Murphy

Mr. Charles Neal

Mr. Earl J. Nero, Jr.

Mr. Kenneth J. Nesbitt

Reverend Frederick Leroy Nixon

Mr. Cecil Noble

Mr. Eric Bernard Nobles

Mr. Roy Edward Norman

Mr. Kenneth W. Norton

Mr. Kevin Anthony Oliver

Mr. Tracy C. OwensDr. Johnathan Damon Perry

Mr. George Childs Petagrew

Mr. Alan C. Peterson II

Judge Herbert Edward Phipps

Mr. Reginald Jude Prepetit

Mr. Bradley A Quarles

Mr. Martin R Quarles

Dr. Milton O. Quigless, Jr.

Mr. Phillip Lamont Redrick

Mr. Daniel Reed

Dr. Jasper C. Register

Dr. Walter W Reid III

Mr. Christopher Repass

Mr. Eric Dewayne Rice

Mr. Melvin T Rice, Jr.

Reginald L. Robinson, MD

Dr. Kevin Darnell Rome

Mr. Paul Rue II

Mr. Alaxie T. Ryan

Dr. George L. Sanders

Mr. Simeon K. Sessley

Dr. Jimmy B Sheats II

Dr. John E. Simmons

Mr. Dudley O. Sims

Rev. Dr. Timothy Wayne Sloan

Mr. Bernard Smith

Atty. Ike Spears

Mr. Keith Eart Spelmon

Mr. Rufus T. Stevenson

Mr. Darrell Stinchcomb

Mr. James Odell Suber

Dr. Eric Steven Tait

Mr. Kendrick Douglass Terry

Mr. Henry M. Thompson

Dr. Alvin Thornton

Mr. John Toliver

Mr. Robert Harry Truesdale

Dr. Paul Lester Underwood

Mr. Willie Varnado

Mr. Kelvin Walker

Mr. Edward Robert Ward

Mr. Andrew Webb

Dr. Charles Alexander West

Mr. William E. West

Mr. Andrew Williams

Mr. Azar S. Williams

Lt. Col. Keith L. Williams

Mr. Luther Williams III

Dr. Mallory Williams

Mr. Richard P. Williams

Mr. Sammie L. Williams

Mr. Brent Lawrence Wilson

Mr DeJuan Wilson

Mr. Joseph L. Wingfield

Dr. Chad A. Womack

Mr. Carl Lester Woodard II

Dr. Preston M. Yancy

Mr. Marques E. Zak

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