Morehouse Alumni Officer Election Results

There’s only one thing that’s constant.Change. 

VOTEThe Morehouse College Alumni Association is proud to announce that the recent elections have garnered a team that is uniquely equipped to propel the Association into its most effective season to date.


To those who have served as officers for the Association in the past, we say with all sincerity, “Thank you for all you’ve done.” To those who will continue in their positions as officers, we honor your commitment. Finally, to those who are approaching their positions for the first time, we are enthusiastic to work diligently with you to improve the Association’s reach beyond anything we’ve ever accomplished. Get a full list of your 2014-2016 officers in the article below.
Now that you, the alumni, have decided who will represent you, we need you to tell us what you want us to accomplish. Next month, the board will hold its annual meeting. Send an email to, and tell us what issues you’d like to see addressed. Your feedback is not just necessary. It’s appreciated.
More than anything, our focus is on helping the College to recruit, produce, and graduate men of substance. There is something we can immediately do to help graduate men who are on the verge of fulfilling their promise: participate in the 300 Campaign. Please support the Association’s efforts to raise funds to help graduating seniors fulfill their financial obligations to the College. We ask alumni to donate $300 each, but if you would like to donate a different amount, please contact the alumni office via email at or by phone at 404-215-2657. Alumni can also donate directly to the 300 campaign here, even in amounts other than the proposed $300.
We look to do better than our most successful year last year. Now, more than ever, students need our assistance. The fact is that Morehouse is no longer the number one producer of African-American male college graduates in the United States. In large part, this has to do with the capacity of our students to be able to afford Morehouse.Help us to change the future for these deserving students. Help us to change the Association – taking it from one level of greatness to the next.Change is truly constant. And it can be a truly good thing.




Kevin R. McGee ’93

President, MCAA


The Election Results Are In!

The process that began in December 2013 to select the leadership of OUR Alumni Association in 2014 – 2016 is complete.  Alumni in good financial standing with the Alumni Association spoke through their votes and elected the following brothers to serve on the Board of the Morehouse College Alumni Association from July 1, 2014, through June 30, 2016.


President: Kevin McGee ’93
Vice-President at Large: Brandon Banks ’06
Secretary: VACANT
Financial Secretary: Thomas Scott ’84
Treasurer: John Toliver ’00

Region I V-P: M. Bud Willis ’86

Region II V-P: Toussaint D. Gaskins ’90

Region III V-P: Melvin D. Caldwell, Jr. ’75

Region IV V-P: Alonzo Robertson ’90

Region V V-P: Charles H. Neal ’64

Region VI V-P:  George W. Thompson, Jr. ’66

Region VII V-P: VACANT     

Region VIII V-P: Donald E. Long ‘64

Region IX V-P:Michael A. Bryant ’87


We would like to thank the Board members that will be completing their terms of office on June 30, 2014, for their service.  Additionally, we would like to thank the candidates for their interest in serving the Association and the time and energy they put into campaigning for office.  We would also like to thank the Election Committee and our Webmaster for their efforts in managing the process from nominations through vote counting.  Last, but not least, we would like to thank those alumni who expressed their opinions on the Association’s direction through their votes.


To all of our alumni body, let’s get behind our new leadership team and support them in their efforts to make the Morehouse College Alumni Association an integral and viable entity in the life of our beloved alma mater.


Are you a graduate of Morehouse College? Take a moment to join our strong, active Alumni Association. It's easy to join - click here to become a member.

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