Morehouse Alumni Association December Update

holiday_ornamentHappy Holidays!

As always at this time of year, many people have begun reflecting on what they’ve accomplished. For the Morehouse College Alumni Association, 2013 has been a year of which you can be quite proud.

Our alma mater welcomed a new president. We saw the first African-American president of the United States inaugurated for a second term — and had him come to visit. We had a brother to serve as lead referee in the big game in January. We partnered with Boys and Girls club of America to mentor across the nation.  We counted among our ranks a Yale medal recipient. Brothers published books and released CDs. The Sesquicentennial Project continues to preserve our college’s history. There have been promotions and appointments. We’ve gained brothers. We’ve graduated brothers. We’ve seen brothers pass on.

It has been a stellar year — because of you. Your participation and commitment are so much more influential than you may believe. We know you love Dear Old Morehouse. That’s not at question. However, when you put those feelings into action and join the association, you incite change. You affect young men who look to alumni to navigate the world beyond the front gates.

I am proud of our association, and I look forward to a 2014 that is surpassed by the greatness we’ve already achieved. If you’re making your commitment to get involved now, click here to join the association today. Consider becoming a Life or Thousandaire member.  We have payment plans available for your convenience.  Let’s thank our new Life and Thousandaire members for

October and November 2013:

New Life Members – Brian Brown ’98, Brandon Banks ’06, and Len L. Davis ’71,  Eric Bennett ’12, Alex Branch ’92, and LaShawn King ’05

New Thousandaire Members – Marcellus Moore ’94, Kenneth Williams ’89, Torrey Walker ’99, Ansel Parker ’04, Ian Parker ’04, Ernest Brooks ’05, and Hasan Hobbs ’96, Aubrey Webb ’75, Richard Brown III ’96, Harvey Fields ’83, and Robert Bolton ’86

You also have the opportunity to make a year-end donation to the Alumni Association. Here’s an opportunity to support the alumni association and decrease your tax liability. Make a donation today to the association or to the 300 Scholarship Campaign.




Kevin R. McGee ’93

President, MCAA


Are you a graduate of Morehouse College? Take a moment to join our strong, active Alumni Association. It's easy to join - click here to become a member.

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