Request for Morehouse Alumni Introductions

Morehouse Alumni IntroductionsWe know that Morehouse College Alumni do amazing things all over the world. Whether they graduated 40 years ago, or four years ago, our brothers are in positions of influence and success. Some of our brothers quietly go about doing their important work – and would never expect any credit or acknowledgement, while others have had their successes thrust into the forefront.

Regardless of how we learn about the work our alumni do in their communities, we know that sharing their successes with the other alumni is inspirational to all alumni – and a show to the world that Morehouse College produces men of quality.

You know of a Morehouse Man doing interesting and good works. Tell us about him! We want Morehouse Alumni introductions of all kinds – of fellow brothers or of yourself!

Please answer the questions below and email your responses to We’d love to use our various media to share your good works with the world!

  • Morehouse Alumnus Name and Graduation Year:
  • Current City of Residence:
  • Current Line of Work/Title:
  • Email Address:
  • Phone:
  • Recommender’s Name and Email Address:
  • Tell us, what is this alumnus doing that fellow alumni would like to hear about?

Remember to send your responses to!

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