A note from Kevin McGee, President Morehouse Alumni Association

morehouse_College_National_alumni_association_sealGreetings Morehouse Alumni,

Dr. Charles Dubois Hubert, once said:

“I dare make this assertion: the strongest organization of Negroes [African Americans] in America today is the Alumni Association of Morehouse College…If this force could be put behind any cause with full strength, victory to that cause would be certain.”

We have all seen the headlines and commentaries about the recent Commencement, and we have witnessed the surge in alumni giving and support; but, how do we leverage the level of engagement around this event and channel it towards those causes to which Dr. Hubert was alluding?

One proven way is to become active in the Morehouse College Alumni Association. We are now in the second year of Phase Two of our strategy to RE-ENGAGE and REBUILD and RECLAIM our alumni to the fold.

This year we continue to focus on rebuilding the Association by creating strong chapters and regions. No organization or group of people can be successful without structure. The Alumni Association, through its chapters and regional officers, provides the structure to advance relevant initiatives.

However, our strength lies in the involvement of our members. The Alumni Association is the primary vehicle that we alumni can use to focus our collective voices into a platform for action by the College. The Association is also the way that recent graduates can become plugged into their new communities as they begin their careers.

This year’s primary goal is to develop a platform for addressing lingering concerns about how the College has engaged alumni in the past and how it will in the future.

Our College is in the midst of perilous times given the enrollment challenges facing the academic community at large. President Wilson has indicated – and other authorities have agreed – that the current model of higher liberal arts education is broken.

So, how do we fix it? I believe that Morehouse fixes it by fostering an unprecedented level of alumni engagement. This must go beyond financial giving and include involvement through knowledge-sharing in the College’s areas of need and by mentoring pipeline and recent graduates for the continuation of our prestigious brand. I believe that if we put our full force behind elevating Morehouse, we cannot lose.

Will you join the cause? Continue to support the Association, and help us rebuild our ranks by becoming a member today.


Kevin R. McGee ’93 – President

Morehouse College National Alumni Association

Reengaging, Rebuilding, and Reclaiming our Alumni!



Stronger Chapters

We are restructuring chapters and reforming the way we charter them. Our greatest concentration of alumni is in the urban centers. We have directed more resources to helping make these chapters stronger.

Alumni Tours / Regional Meetings

For the past 12 months we have been developing a template for an alumni tour for various regions of the country. This multi-faceted event will build upon the Association’s past practice of regional tours. Tours will begin in Spring 2014.

Board of Trustees

As Association president, I sit on the Board of Trustees. My foremost responsibility is to ensure that decisions are made in the best interest of Morehouse. I also advocate for more collaboration between the College and the Association, and I voice the collective sentiment of my constituency and our future alumni. I am assistant secretary and chairman of the Student Affairs Committee, and I sit on the Athletic and Development Committees. The Development Committee is responsible for facilitating alumni giving.


The Harland Boys and Girls Club in Metro Atlanta gave the Morehouse College Alumni Association's President, Kevin McGee, a warm welcome.

The Harland Boys and Girls Club in Metro Atlanta gave the Morehouse College Alumni Association’s President, Kevin McGee, a warm welcome.

Earlier this year, the Association agreed to be a national mentoring partner for Boys and Girls Clubs of America. This mentoring partnership will center on entrepreneurship and will provide chapters and alumni nationwide with the ability to mentor young men and women.

Student Support

Since 2010, the national office of the Association has contributed more than $80,000 to current-use scholarships at Morehouse due to the support of alumni like you. Our chapters collectively contribute an estimated $250,000 per year through current-use scholarships, direct student aid, and endowed scholarship funds at the College. Our chapters do even more to support students by offering annual gathering opportunities for new and prospective students.


1) Join the Association’s emailing list (click here to go to our website then scroll down and see the subscribe area on the right), subscribe to this blog (look at the top right hand corner on this page), follow us on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook – and invite your fellow brothers to do the same.

2) Become active in a local chapter.

3) Contact the national office and let us know your concerns and suggestions. You can always contact Earl Nero, Executive Director, at earl.nero@morehousealumni.com or contact me at kevin.mcgee@morehousealumni.com.

4) Contact the College and our new president, and let him know your thoughts and concerns about the College and its engagement of alumni.

5) Support the Association and the College with your gifts of time, talent, and tender.

Are you a graduate of Morehouse College? Take a moment to join our strong, active Alumni Association. It's easy to join - click here to become a member.

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