Videos of Morehouse Alumni from the 1970s, from George Folks ’78

Morehouse Alumni – SEVENTIES FOLKS

"Gentle G."  George Folkes "78

“Gentle G.” George Folkes “78

by Gentle George

Part 1

Morehouse – Spelman Reunion ’08

A warm 2008 look into the friendships of Morehouse and Spelman graduates during their 30th reunion & homecoming weekends.The project was created by Gentle George Folkes ’78 to showcase the beauty of his generation… The Seventies Folks – an awesome generation of Morehouse Alumni and Spelman Alumnae.

The film is so large we decided to separate the weeks and make: Part 1- Reunion and Part 2- Homecoming.

God, financed our special film… and I mean… all phases of the Seventies Folks production.

Finally, we are available to share the film nationally and internationally… in the spirit of American goodwill and global cultural exchange… enjoy my Seventies family.


Please click here to view the video in YouTube.









Part 2

Morehouse – Spelman Homecoming ’08


Also by Gentle George

Mr. 13 Steps

This project is called a Gentle Drop Short… a new concept for short film stories about interesting people and topics.

“Mr. 13 Steps” is an interview with Morehouse College Alumnus, the great Mr. Edwin Moses ’78 the king of the 400m Hurdles and Olympic legend.

Please click here to view the video about Edwin Moses '78 on YouTube.

Please click here to view the video about Edwin Moses ’78 on YouTube.









Bonus – 

“Slightly Intimate” featuring Humorist “Gentle” George Folkes

The “Slightly Intimate’ DVD is based on an original one-man stage show created in Los Angeles by two broke USC students. The project was designed to drop real knowledge and clean comedy on our target audience… American’s college and university students. In 1986, with zero marketing money we came to the conclusion our fortunes would have come from a title. So, the men and women of the BUTM creative team came up with: “Putting Women In Their Place… besides their men”. The ninety minute stage show was a big hit on the national college circuit with both males and females students. Looking back, BUTM was invited to 52 colleges in 23 different states over eight seasons. In closing, let me say to America’s young scholars of the 80s and 90s thank you for hosting the one-man show… we have wonderful memories. This performance was recorded live in Atlanta, Georgia on January 27, 1990 at the Atlanta Civic Center… the attendance was 3,000 laughing souls… from age eight to eighty. Does anyone remember the 5 Rs to manhood?

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