Chapter Spotlight: Greater Seattle Morehouse College Alumni Association

Serving as a nexus between alumni and Morehouse College, the Greater Seattle Morehouse College Alumni Association (GSMCAA) covers a broad geography: from the greater Seattle/Puget Sound area to eastern and southern Washington.

Nationally, GSMCAA is a member of Region VIII of the Morehouse College National Alumni Association.

With an estimated 150 alumni in the area, we welcome chapter members from recent graduates through some of the most experienced alumni.



The Greater Seattle Morehouse College Alumni Association’s (GSMCAA) mission is to keep the spirit of Morehouse College alive through leadership and service in the greater Seattle area. We are committed to civic engagement and serving as role models, particularly to Black male youth and young men, in our community.

Likewise, we are explicitly committed to providing mentorship, professional development, and financial support for our current Morehouse College students as well as assisting the “House” in actively recruiting students who exhibit leadership potential.


mclien_cw Mr. Charles W. McLien III ‘97
sanders_g Dr. George Sanders ‘93
Vice President (Morehouse Student Retention Director)
spearmon_shaun Mr. Shaun Spearmon ‘01
Brandon Smith Mr. Brandon Smith ‘10
Social Events Director


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