This is the second part of a letter from Morehouse Alumni Association President Kevin McGee.  To read the first part, please click here

We must become involved in our chapters not only as members, but also as leaders. We must become mentors to our pre-alumni students and to those in the surrounding community.

The truth is this: after the pomp and circumstance have ended, there will still be students who need scholarships. There will still be young men who need mentorship. There will still be a great need for assistance in recruiting high-caliber students to our alma mater. 

Kevin McGee, President Morehouse College Alumni Association

Kevin McGee, President Morehouse College Alumni Association

The Association plans to continue to move in this vein and is working every day to make our alumni, chapters and Association better. One such initiative will be launched in Spring/Summer 2013. Alumni across the country will have the opportunity to become active mentors in their local Boys and Girls Clubs.

The Alumni Association and the Boys and Girls Club of America have partnered nationally to give alumni the opportunity to mentor our young people. This initiative will increase mentorship in clubs located in major urban centers and will provide an easy way for alumni to get involved in their local communities.

The Association is also in the beginning stages of creating a national program for entrepreneur support. Our alumni who are entrepreneurs have been the risk takers who launched out to create businesses that support our communities and provide opportunities for employment and job creation. Our hope is to do more to connect our student entrepreneurs with our alumni entrepreneurs.

We believe that by supporting entrepreneurship at Morehouse and nationally, we can help create a stream of successful alumni entrepreneurs who can one day be of service to students who were once in their place. We invest in them now, so that they will invest in others later.

So, the alarm has been sounded. The call has gone out across the land. We need you – all of you.

Celebrate with us as we host President Barack Obama in May and, when he returns to his duties in Washington, D.C., and across the world, remain with us. Build with us. Grow with us. Invest in us.

You’ve graduated, but we ask you to stay. Stay with Morehouse College until we’ve reached our greatest days.

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